About the COMPASS

 The COMPASS is a computer-adaptive test, meaning questions will increase or decrease in difficulty depending on if you answer correctly or not. There’s no time limit, so you can take as long as you need; although working at a reasonable pace is advised so you don’t get mentally fatigued.

             Sections on the COMPASS:

  ·         Reading Placement: Evaluates skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar usage.

  ·         Writing Skills Placement: Evaluates skills in punctuation, spelling, capitalization, usage, verb formation/agreement, relationship of clauses, shifts in construction, and organization.

  ·         Writing Essay Test: Students will write an essay in response to a single prompt, which will present an issue with two points of view. Students will respond with their own position on the issue.

 ·         Math Placement: Evaluates mathematical skills in pre-algebra, algebra, college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. 

  ·         ESL Tests: These tests are optional for those who have learned English as a second language. You will be tested on grammar, essay-writing, and reading comprehension. Sound familiar? There are corresponding sections – Reading, Writing, Essay –in the COMPASS exam which cover the exact same materials. Even better: The ESL tests will test these subjects at a low level, so if you become confident with the materials in this study guide, then you will be more than prepared!


In today's economy, it is crucial to be as competitive as possible to land the job you want.  You have to prove that you have what it takes, which starts with higher education!  If you don't have a college diploma, you automatically lose opportunities to improve your future career.  In a world where a college degree is a minimum requirement anymore, you have to be sure you are prepared to be as successful as possible in college and the first step is acing your college placement test: the COMPASS.  At Compass Practice Test.com we can help you with that.  First, you need to know what is on the exam.  When you are ready, be sure to take our FREE COMPASS practice tests!  This is a great opportunity to evaluate your current skill level and diagnose what COMPASS sections you might need to work on.


The most important step in preparing for any exam is to practice, practice, practice.  COMPASS Practice Test.com offers free practice tests to help make sure you know exactly what will be on the test and what you will need to study.  Use this great resource to your advantage and take the guess work out of studying for the COMPASS exam.  If you can answer at least half of the free COMPASS practice questions correctly, you are at a good starting point, but will need to continue to improve your score on the COMPASS so you can do your best.


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